Meet the team!

Jazzy Dogs is a family business run by Ian & Jane Goodsell. We have 4 grown up children, Kate still lives at home and helps look after the pets that stay in our home.

I was a design engineer for 25 years before retraining as a Design Technology teacher. I have worked in local secondary schools for 9 years but have now decided to turn the love of dogs and dog walking into a business. They say never work with animals or children – I have done both and thoroughly enjoyed it. My first encounter with a dog was as a four year old when I was dragged across an allotment full of sprout stalks by the family pet. I have since got better at dog control helping my uncle who trained German Shepherds for police work, part of which involved running across fields with a sack wrapped around my arm ready to be attacked. Over the last 15 years I have walked and looked after a variety of dogs and family pets and look forward to helping you with your pet needs.

I enjoy meeting people and getting out in the fresh air. I have a background in managing care and support for the elderly and vulnerable stretching back 20 years. One of the highlights of my week is a group dog walk when we go to a beach, woods or open ground like the Fire hills. My first contact with pets was with a lovely Golden Retriever called Peter and a stray kitten found in our garage called Toddy. Over the years I have cared for a variety of pets from stick insects, rabbits, hamsters and cats to a bearded dragon and of course Jaz. I believe if an animal is treated correctly they can make great companions. I look forward to meeting your pet.