Jazzy Dogs offer a professional dog walking service and take their responsibility for the environment seriously. We are lucky enough to spend a lot of our time in some fantastic countryside which is free for all to walk in and enjoy. Sadly at times this beautiful countryside can be spoilt by some unthinking people. As a thank you to all the landowners who allow us free access, we carry with us bags and committ to picking up litter as we walk your dog.


Dog waste

Responsible dog owners pick up after their dogs and we at Jazzy Dogs fully support this. We have signed Hastings Borough Councils “The Green Dog Walkers Pledge” and will ensure we clear up after the dogs we walk. There are a couple of areas for example the Woodland Trust’s Guestling woods that prefer walkers to use the “Stick and Flick” approach and we are happy to follow this method as well.



We realise that collecting and returning your dogs involves using a van but we cannot offer the services to you without it. We have invested in a fuel efficient van and make every effort to arrange walks so that we reduce the miles travelled to a minimum. We also try to tie in any comfort breaks in the area at the same time. It makes economic sense for us to do so and reduces our impact on the environment.